Purchasing a Home with Tori

“I view each relationship with my clients as lifelong and would hope to earn their trust and confidence in my expertise; to be their go-to person for all things property related, not only buying and selling.” – Tori McDonald

Tori’s priority is to provide her clients with unparalleled customer service by building up a relationship based on trust, transparency and communication. Thanks to her thoroughness and attention to detail, her clients are ensured a stress-free and efficient process. Tori sees this REALTOR®-client partnership as a journey they both will take together.

Tori has also had personal involvement with Vancouver’s property market, having owned a variety of properties in the city herself. These first-hand experiences – both good and bad – give her insight into her clients’ position as buyers and sellers. To this end, she recognizes the need to tailor her services to the uniqueness of individual clients, in order to deliver an exceptional experience in the buying process.

Selling Your Home with Tori

“Buying or selling a home is complex and stressful. I make it my job to ensure the experience is as efficient and enjoyable as possible.” – Tori McDonald

Tori aims to provide a streamlined selling process that takes many of the arduous tasks off her client’s plate. Her personal experiences in the property market have made her acutely perceptive to her clients’ needs. By the same token, her forward-thinking helps to avoid complications and her open communication ensures that the client is always kept abreast every step of the way. Tori will also invest the time to educate her clients so that they have a clear understanding, empowering them to make informed decisions with confidence, while recognizing their current and future situations.

Listing your property with Tori means receiving impeccable service and exposing your property to the right potential buyers. Her expansive network comes from a lifetime of local service, while her referral-based business is achieved by her clients’ recommendations of her expertise, friendliness and sincerity. With her years of experience in the Vancouver finance and real estate industries, Tori’s client base is always growing, as she continues to provide the best all-around experience.

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About Oakwyn Realty

We’re an innovative real estate brokerage, and a community of smart, industry-leading agents. You could say we’re real estate nerds. It’s ok. We are and we’re proud of it. We created Oakwyn to change the way the real estate business works. We know it’s no small goal, but we’re committed to a new, collaborative model that innovates at every step. And we’re going to set new standards for service and satisfaction each and every day. We’re on a journey to reinvent real estate. Let’s do this together.


Sometimes it’s easier to see a role and not a person. We see an agent, client, or supplier, but we’re all about people first. And we always want to remember that. Be respectful. Listen intently. Make meaningful connections. If we put people before profits in every instance every day, everyone wins.


Support each other. Help each other. Real estate can be a hard and sometimes lonely job, and some days we all need a little support. We’ve designed our office to be a comfortable, supportive, collaborative environment where it feels more like family.


Be the change you wish to see in the world. That’s Ghandi. And it’s good advice. Model the behaviour you’d like to see around you. Things we like? Transparency. Humility. Ego-less-ness. Passion. Trust. A desire to learn. The need to listen before speaking. Whatever you wish there was more of, be more of that. Show the way.


Push us forward. Ideas can come from anyone and innovation can come from anywhere. When it does, be willing to adapt. Change is good. Be fearless. This is an adventure we’re on together. That old saying is true: there really is nothing to fear but fear itself.



If we’re going to change the way the industry works, we have to change how we work. Question everything. Rethink the norm. Push the envelope. We will support each other through each and every change. We have a great team of agents behind you. Do new, great, kinda scary things.


Be the great big real estate geek who stays up all night thinking about the minutiae of our world. Some nights. Sleep is healthy too. Be passionate about what you do and share that passion with your peers. Passion is contagious and only grows when shared. So, share it!


Have a hungry mind. Feed it. The only way to improve personally and professionally is to seek out and incorporate new learning and understanding into your practice. Read. Keep an open mind. Listen to each other. Listen to podcasts. Share what you’ve learned. We can all grow together.